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How to Select Your Crystal

Follow with your intuition. Are you drawn to this specific piece? Do you feel an instant connection? Congrats! That crystal is meant for you and matches your vibrational frequency


Programming Your Crystal 

When you assign a crystal a task this is called programming.

  • Choose a Crystal

The crystal will actually choose you. Let your intuition guide you. You may use the newest crystal in your collection, a crystal that you have been thinking about a lot lately, the crystal that attracts you based on appearance, or one that simply has “good vibes” when you touch it.

  • Pre-Program the Crystal

Pre-programing is setting the intention for the crystal to work for its highest potential. It’s sometimes called cleansing. This prepares the crystal to accept your intention and cleanses it of any prior intentions or negative energy. I’ll be talking more about cleansing in a bit. 

  • Think of your Intention

An intention is a clear statement of purpose in regard to your aspirations, dreams and values. What do you want out of life? What areas of your life do you wish to upgrade? Your career, your relationships, your health, your community? It can be helpful to write your intention down as this brings your intention into the physical realm. Write it in present tense as if it is already happening. Be specific about what you want to achieve, when you want to achieve it and why.

  • Let the Energy Flow

This is when you give the crystal a job to do, assign it with a purpose. Start by raising your personal vibration. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Find the place where your vibrational level is highest—your bliss. You can find this by focusing on your connection to your faith or spiritual belief, or something that makes you incredibly happy like your children or a special loved one. Allow this love and light to fill you completely.

Pick up the crystal you have chosen and cleansed. Hold it in your hands. Remind yourself of your intention. You may read it allowed or in your head from the sheet you wrote it down on. Feel the energy of your thoughts flow through you as you read. Feel it pulse in and out of the crystal with your heartbeat. The more energy you put into the intention, the more effective it will be. Spend as much time as you want with your intention and your crystal.

Finish programming the crystal by saying thank you. This emphasizes that what you are asking for already exists in the universe.

  • Use the Crystal

When you have finished programming this crystal with your intention you can work with it in other ways. It can be a gentle reminder of your intention every time you see or touch it.

  • Carry it in your pocket or purse
  • Wear it as jewelry
  • Make a gem water or elixir with it
  • Place it in your workplace
  • Keep it in your vehicle
  • Set it by your bed
  • Include it in a crystal grid
  • Meditate with it
  • Use it in a ritual cleansing bath


Cleansing and Charging Your Crystals 

The difference between cleansing and charging is that cleansing sets up a crystal for a new task and charging restores the task it has already been given. The methods of cleansing and charging can be very similar though so really it comes down to your intention.


Remember that, cleansing is how you set the intention for the crystal to work for its highest potential, which prepares the crystal to accept your intention and cleanses it of any prior intentions or negative energy. Here are some cleansing methods:

  • Moonlight- Place the crystal on a windowsill or somewhere protected outside where it can be touched by moonlight. The best time to cleanse crystals by moonlight is during the waning crescent phases and especially at the new moon.


  • Intention- Hold the crystal in your hand and imagine all negativity being washed away by your intention. Visualize a white light surrounding the stone.


  • Burying- Bury the crystal in a potted plant or place it on top of the soil.


  • Storm- Place the crystals in a bowl and place the container outside on the ground before an oncoming storm. The water and lightning hitting the ground will send out vibrations to the bowls.


  • Smoke- Light a Sage Stick, Palo Alto stick, or incense in a heat proof container. Hold the crystals approximately above the source of the smoke and let it surround the crystal.


  • Salt- Place the stone in a bowl and cover it with sea, table salt or Epson salt.


  • Water- Let cool water run over a crystal to clean it.


  • Rice- Bury the crystal in a bowl of rice.


  • Other Crystals- Select a geode, cathedral, or cluster to use getting rid of unwanted energies in your crystal.


  • Sound- Hold the crystal in your hand and ding a bell or chime with your other hand. Slowly move the bell in a counterclockwise direction around the stone.


  • Pendulum- Hold a crystal or other type of pendulum above your crystal. The pendulum will rotate counterclockwise or move up and down or left to right depending on your pendulum and how it designates “no”. When it is done cleaning, it will move in the opposite direction or stop.


The method you choose will depend on what works best for you. You’ll also want to check whether your crystal can become damaged by a certain method. Some crystals can dissolve in water, some can be scratched by other crystals.



You can recharge crystals when they don’t seem to be working the way they used to. Here are some charging methods, you will recognize some similar methods on this list.


  • Moonlight- Moonstone and Amethyst especially benefit from being charged by moonlight, or any crystal that is associated with water element. Choose the phase of the moon for charging based on the intention you have set of the crystal. The Full moon is a good time for all purposes because the energy is at its peak.


  • Sunlight- Carnelian, Sunstone and Citrine benefit from charging by the sun. Any crystal that is associated with fire can benefit from charging in the sunlight. You have to be careful thought because some stones that are left in the sun for too long can fade. The best time to use the sun for charging is at Litha or summer solstice because the sun energy is at its peak. But you can charge crystals by the sun at any time of year


  • Burying - Rhodonite and Rose Quartz love to charge through direct contact with the earth. Crystals that are associated with earth energy can also be charged this way. You can bury the crystal in soil or simply place it so that it touches earth.


  • Sound- Crystals associated with the element of air like to be charged with sound. This includes Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and Selenite. Place crystals in front of a speaker that is playing meditation music or use a bell, chimes, drums to create vibrations to charge the crystals


  • Other Crystals - Some crystals like Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine and Selenite can be used to charge other crystals. Set this intention for the crystal then store with other crystals you’d like to charge.