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About Us

Welcome to Amoureux de Gems! 

 Amoureux de Gems is French for "Lover of Gems". My name is Dalena and I am a Spiritualist who uses crystals to help heal and guide others, especially when they feel energetic blockages. @AMOUREUXDEGEMS launched on Instagram March of 2020 with an intent to spread awareness about the benefits of crystal healing. The page started with "Building Your Own Crystal Terrariums" and progressed to both crystal terrariums and healing crystals. 

As a Spiritualist, I am able to feel the energy and communicate with each crystal. I know exactly how the crystals feel and what they need to be happy and healthy before you receive them. Receiving a positively charged and cleansed crystal is important to me because I want to ensure that the crystals carry out their duties to effectively serve and benefit you to their highest potential. Through the help of my crystals, my ultimate goal is to help individuals like yourself heal and move forward from energy that no longer serves you.
Thank you for visiting my page. Sending you POSITIVE vibes always!